Chartreux cat

Chartreux cat breed Chartreux cats are said to be the best mouse-catching breed of cats. In the 13th century, crusaders from France in Syria brought back wild mountain cats to France. Many of these crusaders became monks. The Carthusian monks from Grenoble had a big mouse problem and the Cartreux cat breed were bred by them from the wild mountain cats to solve their problem. They became known as their own breed and was already documented in the 17th century as a breed by French natural scientist Buffon, but they were only introduced to America in 1971.

These cats are such good mouse hunters, because they have quick reflexes and are muscular. In some characteristics they are similar to the British shorthair, namely they also seem to have a grin on their faces and are of a sturdy built. Their fur is also most commonly thick and blue in color and they usually have copper colored eyes.

Chartreux cats are very quiet and it’s not unusual for them to never even meow at all. Their personality can be described as extremely intelligent and playful. That makes Chartreux ideal playmates for children, but remember, they like to bond with especially one person in the family. The Chartreux cat can even be taught certain tricks.