Birman Cat

Birman cat yawning The Birman is a famous cat from Burma clouded with legendary myths. They are regarded as a sacred temple companion of priests. Today, most people believe that the Birman cat breed started in 1919 when a pair from Burma was secretly shipped to France.

Blue eyes are prominent with every Birman breed, matched with a strong face and heavy jaws. They have a full chin and a Roman nose. The Birman cats have semi-long silky hair. The texture of their hair is not inclined to become matte - that is why grooming of this breed is very basic. The Birman cats are also known to be a pointed cat for having darker colors on their faces, ears, paws and tails.

Birman Cat A Birman cat has a fairly long kittenhood and they only reach maturity at three years of age. Thus neutering or spraying these cats is not done until they are 10 months old. The life spans of the Birman cats are also longer than most cats, as they normally live for 20 years or more.

The most endearing characteristic of this breed is their beautiful temperament balance. Birman cats are smart and love to bond with the people around them. Many say they're the sweetest cat among all breeds. They don't ask for a lot of attention - just a brief scratch behind their ears or a cuddle in their owner's arms.

The intelligence of a Birman cat can be seen by their eagerness in finding out what you are doing. It is also remarkable hearing a Birman cat using its soft voice greeting you when you get back home or when they want to tell that it is time to serve their meal.