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Why does cat urine have such an extreme odor?

A cat's urine has that super strong odor because of protein contained in it. If you read the section below on spraying you will see that cats like to mark their territory. When cat urine dries on the carpet it forms crystals and those crystals are the source of this upleasant odor. These crystals makes it very difficult to get rid of the smell. When you try and remove the spot of bother with a normal cleaner the cleaner usually only masks the odor and you will think that you have removed the spot successfully. But these crystals reactivate their odor in moist conditions and you will find this unpleasantness returning to torment you again and again. The only way to effectively and permanently get rid of that smell is to use a cleaner which can break down the crystals formed by the cat urine. There are many professionaly formulted products on the market and also some home remedies that will asist you in doing just that.

Click here for a list of recommended cat urine cleaners.

Tip: Since cat urine is Ammonia based you should not use an Ammonia based cleaner (most household cleaners contains Ammonia) to clean those spots, because it will smell like a cat had left its mark and will only entice your cat to urinate on the same spot again.

Why does my cat torture me with its super strong urine?

Cats don't urinate all over the house to annoy its owners. There are a number of reasons why a cat will leave its strong odor everywhere. Some studies suggest that cats are marking their territory, but it may also be that your cat feels threatened in some way or that your cat is stressed. This marking is known as spraying. This is not done in a different manner than the usual urinating process. The cat lifts its tail and sprays urine on objects. This is usually done on vertical objects like walls and furniture rather than on the floor or carpet. This urine usually has a more serious odor than that the odor left when urinating normally. Cats that have been neutered are less likely to take on this behavior but it may still be found. Male as well as female cats mark their territory but this behavior is more prone in males and in a female cat in heat.

Your cat could be stressed. Yes, cats do get stressed out. Here are a number of reasons why your cat might be stressed.

Cat Urine removal
  • Unfamiliar faces and people
  • Moving house
  • Other cats in the region
  • Other pets
  • Unfamiliar objects like new furniture
  • Your cat might be ill
  • Your cat's litterbox is dirty

Another reason for your cat urinating everywhere could be because of an illness or bladder infection. One should try and catch your cat in the act and see if he is spraying or urinating normally. Try to see if the cat is showing any signs of pain while urinating, which normally means infection. Blood in the urine is also a sign of a urinary tract infection.

Remember that if your cat is urinating all over the house there is usually a reason for its behavior. You should try and figure out what this reason might be because this will solve all your problems and leave you with a happy cat. Finding a good product to remove the odor is not a complete solution for either you or your cat!

How to clean cat urine.

Read the section below on how to choose / find the best cat urine cleaner.

Below are some general guidelines how to clean cat urine. These guidelines should be used in conjunction with a cat urine cleaner

General guidelines for cat urine removal:

More information on How to clean cat urine.

How to choose the best cat urine cleaner.

There are many cat urine cleaners on the market. Most of them contain bacteria and enzymes which react chemically with the urine and remove the odor making it easier to clean. A product created specifically for removing cat urine should be used. These can be found at most pet stores or on the internet in online shops. Click here for a list of reccommendations.

A few home-made cleaners also exist which you can try. This tip was posted on ehow.com and we think it works the best of all the home-made remedies.

"I put hot water, peroxide and baking soda in a bowl, I stirred it to make a thick paste, then I took a scrub brush and scooped the paste out and scrubbed it right onto the entire back of my sofa. Once it was scrubbed in, it dried quickly (I had to be careful not to let the brush flick the little flakes on the wall or carpet). I took the vacuum cleaner and cleaned up the flakes. I recommend you test this on your upholstery before you apply it. I'm not sure what it would do on different colors or fabrics. It was a little messy, and I had to really scrub, but I don't have to mask the smell anymore!"

Note: The only problem we found with this solution is that after a while the odor will return. It won't be nearly as extreme as before but still strong enough to be unpleasant.